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In the busyness and rush of life, sometimes we lose our focus on relating to people with grace and love. If you have ever felt that way, I have a simple formula to share with you today. Before you talk to someone, silently ask yourself this question about them: “How can I bless you today?”

bless you

As a leader there are so many things we are trying to communicate—values, work, growth, challenges, and more. In all of this something precious can easily be lost…the humanity of who we are, as leaders and as followers. How can you train your thoughts toward people in a way that manifests in grace and dignity? In my encounters with others, I want people to leave feeling blessed. So I repeat in my mind the words, “How can I bless you today?”


“Blessed” is a term frequently heard in the Christian vernacular. When you bless someone, it is more than giving to or caring for them. It is showering a person with what may feel like a supernatural gift of generosity. It is healing. It comes from love.

Not too many people bless me. They greet me. They talk to me. They may connect with me. But they rarely bless me. They are often too busy, overwhelmed, or in over their heads to have the capacity to care for me. We are all generally consumed with our own woes and worries, and the tornadoes that whirl in our lives, splintering our mind, hijacking our thoughts, and taking our spirit on a roaring flight round and round. That is what life does—if we let it.

Leaders must not lend ourselves to being tossed about like that. Leaders must soar above the tornadoes of life. Only then can we truly see people, feel their anxious breaths, hear their shaking voices. Only then can we reach out and bless them.

As you go about your day today, I challenge you to bless those you lead. Go beyond that, bless everyone you see!

Your Friend,
Wes Saade MD Signature