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At TotalCare, the health and safety of our patients and their families is our top priority. Our family practice, urgent care, emergency room, and behavioral health services remain open to serve both new and existing patients.

COVID Testing Information at TotalCare

We are currently providing rapid testing for COVID-19 using nasal swabs at all 5 of our primary and emergency care clinics.

Our emergency rooms in Benbrook and Denton also perform antibody and molecular COVID testing.

TotalCare ER’s COVID Process

Once you arrive and are checked in, one of our staff will take you back to a private room to take your vital signs and ensure that you are medically stable to receive a test.Then, we’ll run 2 initial tests for everybody:

– An antibody test via a finger prick (20 min).
– We’ll also do a rapid test via an anterior nasal swab (20 min).

Both tests will be run in our office. If these two initial tests both come back negative, we will run a second test that is the RNA test (PCR). This is because the rapid test is good, but not perfect with about an 80% accuracy rate. The follow up PCR swab test is much more accurate, but since it takes longer for results we will not ask you to stay around the ER. We will try our best to give you your results within 24 hours.

Video showing the process with Dr Creme

TotalCare COVID

Frequently Asked Questions

Which COVID tests are available on-site?
TotalCare facilities offer 3 different kinds of tests:

– An antibody test is a finger prick, just like when testing for blood glucose. These results are run on a cassette in our office and are completed within 20 minutes.

– A rapid antigen test. This is the Sophia test using a nose swab, but more comfortable than some others because we just swab the anterior part of the front of your nose. These results also take about 20 minutes to run.

– An RNA Test (PCR). This requires a nasopharyngeal swab and goes deeper than the Sophia test. This test is about 99% accurate. We will try our best to give you your results within 24 hours.

Our emergency room facilities in Denton and Benbrook offer the antibody, rapid, and RNA tests. Our primary care locations in Hurst, Crowley, and Fort Worth offer the rapid antigen tests only (Sophia).
How long does it take to get COVID test results from Totalcare?
The approximate time to receive results from the Sophia antigen test and the antibody finger prick test is 15 to 45 minutes. The approximate time to receive results from the RNA Test (PCR) is roughly 24 hours.
How accurate are the COVID tests available at Totalcare?
The antigen tests are 100% accurate for positive results, meaning that there are almost no instances of a false positive. Positive is a true positive result.

Negative is 80% sensitive for sars-CoV antigen, which means that there is still around a 20% change of still having virus. That’s why our facilities follow-up the antigen results with the PCR test — so you can feel confident in your results.
Are COVID tests covered by insurance?
Many insurance companies are covering the cost sharing for COVID related testing and visits through various periods of time. We recommend that patients contact their individual insurance company to verify how their specific plan will process COVID related costs.
A medical evaluation must accompany the screening, testing, and treatment. Please contact your insurance company for the latest coverage information for your specific plan. If paying out of pocket, our prompt pay cash rate for:

Antibody testing – $300
Sophia (Rapid) Antigen testing – $400
PCR Molecular testing – $600