Allergy Services

Offered at our family medicine clinics in Argyle, Fort Worth, Hurst, and Crowley

You don’t have to continue suffering from allergies. Reduce your symptoms by 70-90%

Did you know that North Texas is one of the WORST areas for allergies in the US?

Due to our climate and all of the trees, grasses, and molds, many people living here develop allergies. But, you don’t have to live with them! You have options other than expensive over-the-counter medications or limiting your life by staying inside to avoid allergens.

All About Allergy Testing

TotalCare clinics treat allergies in two ways: first, we do allergy testing to find out which of the 1000s of potential allergens are causing you the most problems. Then, through immunotherapy we are able to manage your symptoms with the least amount of medication.

The best part? TotalCare is a complete family practice medical clinic, so we are able to integrate your allergy treatment into your overall wellness plan.

Find out if you’re a candidate for allergy testing!

Help for Your Allergies is Available at TotalCare

All you need to do is schedule your appointment for allergy testing at our Argyle, Fort Worth, Hurst, or Crowley locations. Choose the one that is most convenient for you and call today!

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The TotalCare Treatment for Allergies in North Texas

Step 1: Get tested.
We can do this testing inside the comfort of our doctor’s office. This no-needle skin test does not hurt, it simply measures your body’s response to a variety of allergens placed on your skin.

Step 2: Get treated.
During immunotherapy treatment, your doctor will inject very small amounts of the allergens that testing indicated you are allergic to. This methodically helps your body adjust to whatever allergen is causing your symptoms and will train your body to have a more appropriate response when it encounters the allergen in your daily life.

Step 3: Live your life.
This is a long-term solution to your allergy troubles. You can live a better, healthier life free of steroid medications or sleep-inducing antihistamines